Born in Sweden in 1963. After a venture into a 'normal' career in computers, I decided to put my trust in my artistic ability and follow my heart. My instinct was right, and I have now been a full-time illustrator since 1988. Over the years I have created artwork for many different and wildly diverse purposes. From book covers, to comics; from illustrations for magazines to Christmas cards; from postcards to posters; from advertisements to advent calendars and so on. Apart from illustrations, I also create other types of graphic design for example commercial logos for companies and combining my artistic skills with the IT skills from my former career, I also produce business web sites. My home, which I share with my English wife, and two sons, is in Eskilstuna, Sweden - about 130 km west of Stockholm.

Commissions invited
I accept commissions from anywhere in the world, as well as work within Sweden, recent commissions have included food labels for a company in the USA, cd-cover for a Rock-band in the USA and illustrations for Canon, Japan, Christmas cards for various publishers world wide. If you have a project that you think I could help you with, please e-mail me for further information and a free quotation.

Michael Philip Gustafsson
Address studio: Köpmangatan 4B, 633 56 Eskilstuna, SWEDEN
Telephone studio: +46 (0)16 514848

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